Robert Dassie

I started improvising years ago at the IO in Chicago (formerly Improv Olympic) where I ended up doing about a billion shows and teaching a million students in the art of improvisation. I continued to improvise just about everywhere, like in New York at the UCB Theatre for many Del Close Marathons; Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe; Vancouver for the International Improv Festival; and at improv festivals in nearly every state that had one. I toured the other states with the Second City and as a member of the improvised musical group, Baby Wants Candy, I ventured out to Singapore where we improvised a full musical every night for the welcoming Singaporeans.

Later, I fell in love, got married and moved to Los Angeles just in time to hammer nails into the new stage at the IO West Theater in Hollywood. I continue to perform there with several shows I co-created, including WeirDass (with my lovely wife) and  Quartet (with some lovely friends).  I also perform at the UCB LA Theatre with the three-person Dasariski and in ASSSSCAT alongside many improv luminaries. I’ve also been fortunate enough to appear in a scattershot of commercials, some TV shows, and a movie or two.

I’ve been busy making sure my two adorable kids and adorable wife are fed on a daily basis. And by that, I mean I do most of the cooking. Lately I’ve been touting the virtues of duck fat. Seriously, it’s good stuff.

Oh, and that’s my dog, Happy, up there in the corner. He’s a good boy.


Robert Dassie

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Spoils of Babylon Co-Star IFC / Matt Piedmont
Community Co-Star NBC / Tristram Shapeero
Funny or Die Presents: Carpet Brothers Series Regular HBO / Matt Piedmont
Eleven Year Itch Series Regular Serena Creative / Ric Serena
Review w/Forrest MacNeil Co-Star Comedy Central / Jeffrey Blitz
Monk Co-Star USA Network / Randall Zisk
Grounds Zero (pilot presentation) Series Regular Filmphobia / David Greenspan
A Day in the Life of Tim Meadows Co-Star Starz! Network
Meet the Banks Series Regular / Mort Nathan
Ice Vision & Chef (w/ Tim Meadows) Series Regular / Matt Piedmont
Danny Roane w/ Dr. Dassie (w/ Andy Dick) Series Regular
Debate in ’08 (w/ Kathryn Hahn) Co-Star
Donna’s Revenge Co-Star / Oliver Oertel

Film (partial list)

Casa de mi Padre Supporting NALA Films Feature / Matt Piedmont
Somewhere in the Valley Lead Independent Short / David Greenspan
Jakarta Boom Boom *Aspen Comedy Festival Lead / Co-Writer Independent Short / Leroy Koetz
The Strand Supporting Gearhead Pictures / Daniel Myrick
Warthog Lead Suckatash Prod. Short / Ryan Suffern

Improvisation (partial list)

  • IO West, L.A. & Chicago – Dasariski, The Armando Show, WeirDass, Quartet, Cog, Trio, The Mosaic, The Lost Yetis
  • Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB), L.A. & N.Y. – ASSSSCAT, Gravid Water, Baby Wants Candy, WeirDass
  • Second City, e.t.c – Chicago – Close Quarters

Sketch Comedy (partial list)

Vicarious Two-Man Show/Writer UCB Theatre, LA
Not Another Word One-Man Show/Writer UCB Theatre, LA
Hollywood Hell House Demon Tour Guide Steve Allen Theater, LA
Next Stop, Sedgwick Sketch Ensemble Second City Studio, LA
WeirDass: UnMentionables Sketch Duo/Writer IO West & Second City e.t.c.
Slaughterhouse 5, Cattle 0 (us) Sketch Ensemble Second City Mainstage, Chicago
Second City National Touring Co. Sketch Ensemble Second City, Chicago

Theater (partial list)

Sleeper Salesman Theatre Tribe, Los Angeles
Loose Fish Various, Co-Writer IO West, LA
The Seminar Dave Williams IO West, LA
Seven Dates with Seven Writers Peter Factory Theater, Chicago


Conflicts upon request


Acting/Scene Study (ongoing) Stuart Rogers Theatre Tribe, N.Hollywood
Cold Reading/On Camera Technique Courtney Burr Margie Haber Studio, LA
Voiceover Carroll Day Kimble Carroll Day Kimble Casting, LA
Improvisation Main Stage Performer IO Chicago
Improvisation/Writing Touring Company Alum Second City, Chicago
Acting Technique Steven Ivcich Steven Ivcich Studio, Chicago
On Camera Kurt Naebig Audition Studio, Chicago
On Camera Dan Flannery Act One, Chicago

Special Skills

Abilities: Improvisation, Improv Instruction (Staff – IOWest), Physical Comedy, Computer Nerd – Certified Mac OSX, Makes a Mean Rabbit Stew, Valid U.S. Passport
Activities: Yoga, Running (1 Marathon, 2 half-marathons), Novice Jiu-Jitsu
Music: Saxophone, Reads Music


Quartet @ iOWest
Thursdays at 10:30pm
iO West
6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles
Buy Tickets >

Dasariski @ iO West

Tuesdays @ 10:30pm
iO West
6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles
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Carpet Bros. w/David Spade & Tim Meadows

IceVision and Chef w/Tim Meadows

Dasariski in Jakarta Boom Boom

Dr. Dassie w/Andy Dick

“Dancing” in My Humps w/Alanis Morissette