Robert Dassie

I started improvising years ago at the IO in Chicago (formerly Improv Olympic) where I ended up doing about a billion shows and teaching a million students in the art of improvisation. I continued to improvise just about everywhere, like in New York at the UCB Theatre for many Del Close Marathons; Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe; Vancouver for the International Improv Festival; and at improv festivals in nearly every state that had one. I toured the other states with the Second City and as a member of the improvised musical group, Baby Wants Candy, I ventured out to Singapore where we improvised a full musical every night for the welcoming Singaporeans.

Later, I fell in love, got married and moved to Los Angeles just in time to hammer nails into the new stage at the IO West Theater in Hollywood. I continue to perform there with several shows I co-created, including WeirDass (with my lovely wife) and  Quartet (with some lovely friends).  I also perform at the UCB LA Theatre with the three-person Dasariski and in ASSSSCAT alongside many improv luminaries. I’ve also been fortunate enough to appear in a scattershot of commercials, some TV shows, and a movie or two.

I’ve been busy making sure my two adorable kids and adorable wife are fed on a daily basis. And by that, I mean I do most of the cooking. Lately I’ve been touting the virtues of duck fat. Seriously, it’s good stuff.

Oh, and that’s my dog, Happy, up there in the corner. He’s a good boy.